Did you know that volunteers are happier and healthier than non-volunteers? Are you looking to gain experience or give back and help others? Than check out the opportunities below. Go ahead…..live your best life!

ACS Carolina-Piedmont Science Education Outreach Coordinator

Do you have a passion for science education?

Consider volunteering for your local section Science Outreach Education Coordinator

Your ACS Carolina-Piedmont local section is looking for a Science Education Outreach Coordinator. This person would work with the C-P Executive Committee to promote and support educational outreach activities within the Carolina-Piedmont Local Section at the K-12 and College/University levels, such as

National Chemistry Week (NCW)

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCEW)

“Excellence in Chemical Sciences” Awards at the annual NC Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Representing our Local Section in the Mecklenburg Area Joint STEM Society

Interfacing with Student Chapters in our Local Section

If you are passionate about spreading the word about the wonders of chemistry to students from kindergarten to college, and have experience in K-12 science education, you would be ideal for this position – please consider volunteering.

For further information, contact us at carolinapiedmontacs@gmail.com

Let’s make a difference together!

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