Honors and Awards

Spring 2021 Student Awards- Congratulations to this amazing group of students! Despite the pandemic, they excelled in their studies.

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award: Brandon Ellison (Winthrop) for his work on Predicting a viable pH-induces peptide switch to be incorporated with human L-chain ferritin

Outstanding Student Leadership Award: Melissa Rowe (Appalachian State)


Excellence in Scholastic Achievement Award: Ellie Mackintosh (Davidson)

Spring 2019 Student Awards

From left: Stacy Hutchison (C-P Section Chair), Jordan Carter (App State, Scholastic Achievement), Cale Gaster (Winthrop, Undergraduate Research), Claudia Hernandez (Davidson, Student Leadership), Jay Hanna (Student Awards Chair)
2018 Congratulations Students!! From left to right: Heather Clontz (ACS Local Section Chair), Samantha Steyl, Hayden Lane, Nikolas Dos Santos, Dr. James Hanna (ACS Student Award Chair)

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